Monday, 20 March 2017

EROSION weathering

You can find good detail on this online; here are 2 resources, one very simple, basic and short, and another which is longer and more complex:


31-slide Powerpoint - more detail

SHORT VIDEO (5:02) - simple

Monday, 6 March 2017

Flooding: Boscastle 2004 case study

Some resources to help with research into this case study of a major flood.

Video1: 2:41 BBC News explaining Boscastle flood causes

Here's a BBC report 10 years later.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Before starting a new assignment on flooding, a chance to consolidate your grasp of key terms.

Your task is to complete this crossword - you will have a paper copy of the clues, and should also write answers on this. On the crossword site, click return when you've typed a full answer - if its correct it will go green!

You have the option of getting some help with the clues - in the Y7 Geog folder 3. Rivers and flooding. You can copy the whole folder, so you can access this as a revision aid at any time.

EXTENSION: If/when you complete the crossword, make your own mini-quiz using PowerPoint, with between 3-5 questions, at least 1 of which should feature a diagram or photo/s, on any aspect of the water cycle, rivers, flooding. Use the animation tool so that the answer appears only by clicking after the question.

Once complete, leave on your screen and go have a try on someone else's mini-quiz.
Double-click the shortcut to access the crossword. You can copy this folder