Friday, 22 February 2019

Flooding: Boscastle 2004 case study

Some resources to help with research into this case study of a major flood.

Video1: 2:41 BBC News explaining Boscastle flood causes

Here's a BBC report 10 years later.

Video2 4:30 John Peel

Video3 - 2:46 A-Level student guide
A student greenscreens himself to present his research in a TV news format:

Video4 - 6:52 Discovery Channel doc clip

BBC Flooding Guide
This is aimed at GCSE students; you don't need to know all of this, but it is useful to help you better understand the complex processes at work, and it uses many of the key terms we've covered, putting them into context.

Wiki guide
NEVER rely on Wikipedia, but it can be useful as one of a variety of sources.

The Met Office report
This is the government-linked agency that provides crucial weather forecasting that helps to prepare for potential flooding conditions.

The River Management Blog
Short text, always illustrated by a photo, but uses clear + specific terminology. Very helpful to show how processes you've previously studied played a part.


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